What is the Springside Residents’ Association?

The Springside Residents’ Association (SRA) is a non-profit organization responsible for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community of Springside. It is managed by Springside residents who volunteer their time.

The SRA is a separate organization from the West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association. The WSCR Community Association is also a volunteer-based organization with many responsibilities including sports activities, a community newsletter and several social events. The two associations complement one another and work hard to ensure residents can enjoy and be a part of an engaged, active, beautiful and well-kept community.

The SRA is also separate from the Access, Sanctuary and the Villas condominium boards in the community. The SRA annual fee is NOT included in the condominium fees and must be paid over and above these fees and made directly to the Springside Residents’ Association.

Who is a member of the Springside Residents’ Association?

Every home and condominium owner – specifically each registered owner that has the Springside Residents’ Association registered as an Encumbrance on the title of their parcel of land is a member of the Association.

Who created the Springside Residents’ Association?

The SRA was established by the developer, Dundee Developments (now known as Dream Development). Dundee developed and maintained the community until 2004 at which time the Association and all related responsibilities were turned over to the residents.

When the SRA was established, an Encumbrance was placed on each individual parcel of land (lots) in Springside for the purpose of securing an annual fee. Pursuant to the Land Title Act, payment of this annual fee is a legal requirement of the registered property owner.

Who operates the Springside Residents’ Association?

The SRA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals are Springside residents elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. There is always room for more – please email info@springsideresidents.com if you are interested in volunteering.

What is the annual fee?

The annual fee is currently set at $125 per year and is assessed to all residential properties. The fee is the same for homes and condominiums as this reflects the fact that the common green spaces within the community can be equally enjoyed by all.

What does the annual fee pay for?

The fee pays for the ongoing maintenance of common spaces as well as landscaping enhancements in the community including entrance features, flowerbeds, boulevards and medians as well as fence maintenance and repairs. The fee also allows for a contingency fund for any unexpected costs or emergency repairs.

Note: The Association does not currently do any snow removal in the community.

Is the annual fee mandatory?

Yes. The payment of the annual fee is not optional – it is a legal requirement of each and every registered property owner in the community of Springside. A homeowner cannot opt-out or choose not to pay the annual fee. Unpaid accounts will be turned over to the SRA’s lawyer for collection with any and all legal costs becoming the responsibility of the homeowner.

What period does the annual fee cover?

The annual fee covers the period from January 1 to December 31 and is due by March 15th of the year in which it has been assessed.

Why was the fee raised from $100 to $125?

The original annual fee of $100 per property (as documented in the Encumbrance) was set by the developer when it formed the Springside Residents’ Association. The initial Board of Directors kept with this amount. In 2010, the Board determined that an increase to the annual fee was required to cover expenses and the fee was increased to $125 per year. The fee is evaluated annually and is subject to change if deemed necessary by the Board.

What is the payment deadline?

Historically, the payment deadline for the Annual Fee has not been consistent year-after-year. The SRA Board set the payment deadline as March 15th. Collecting funds earlier in the year better aligns fee collection with the seasonal work the Association undertakes, which primarily begins in the spring of each year.

What is being done to collect unpaid fees?

The SRA has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees.

Homeowners who have not paid their fees are sent an invoice/statement listing the amounts owing, including interest and administrative charges, if any. Effective 2019, payments received after the due date will be assessed a Late Payment Administration Fee of $50. If full payment for outstanding fees is not received, the account will be turned over to the Association’s lawyer for collection. Any and all legal costs incurred to recover the outstanding balances become the responsibility of the homeowner. Failure to pay outstanding balances and legal costs may ultimately lead to foreclosure proceedings being commenced in respect to the homeowner’s property.

Note: Only a small minority of homeowners have accounts that are in arrears. Collection rates are shared at our Annual General Meeting and in the monthly Financial Statements posted here.

How do I confirm if the annual fee has been paid for a property in Springside?

If you would like to confirm if the annual fee has been paid for a property in Springside, simply email info@springsideresidents.com to inquire about the status of an account.

How is the SRA’s budget established?

The budget for the SRA is based upon the operational expenses related to the ongoing maintenance of common spaces, including fencing, as well as landscaping enhancements in the community. The Board of Directors develops an annual budget, which is then shared at our Annual General Meeting. The budget includes items such as landscaping, maintenance, insurance as well as administrative costs.

Who maintains the fences in the community of Springside?

Wooden fences (lattice or screen style), regardless of who built them, found within or adjacent to your property are your responsibility to maintain as detailed in the restrictive covenants registered on the title of your property. Cloverdale Paint (1935 – 37 Street SW – 403.242.7700) has the fence stain colour on file. It is titled Springside Taupe and filed under Springside.

Decorative and sound (aka stucco) walls are the shared responsibility of the homeowner and the Springside Residents’ Association. In 2022, the SRA will paint and repair where necessary, the community-facing side of the stucco fences along Wentworth Drive as well as along the perimeter of the community along Bow Trail and 85 Street.

There is a NEW paint colour, chosen by the Board, for the stucco walls called Clay (CA047). The old paint colour was called Tan Sand Stucco. Both are available at Cloverdale Paint, 1935 – 37 Street SW – 403.242.7700.

I thought the City was responsible for Springside’s maintenance and landscaping?

The community of Springside was developed to a higher standard (i.e. fence, entrance features, etc.) than the City would ever maintain. The City of Calgary does very little in Springside – it maintains the playgrounds, trees, and does some grass cutting and watering. The funds collected annually pay to keep the community at a level we can all appreciate.

Does the Association receive any money from the City?

No, the SRA does not currently receive any money from the City. The SRA could enter into a land management agreement with the City of Calgary, which would result in the Association receiving an annual rebate from the City for landscaping and maintenance completed on city-owned property. The rebate amount is based on the amount of space and then the services the City would have provided had it developed and maintained the community at a basic level.

What is the City of Calgary responsible for?

The City is responsible for a variety of maintenance activities. Please contact the City by dialing 311 should you have questions or concerns about anything City-related. Below is a list of some of the maintenance activities the City does in and around the community.

      • Maintenance of trees located on boulevards, medians and in the parks
      • Grass cutting in the parks as well as along 85 Street and Bow Trail
      • Snow removal (if any) from roads and/or sidewalk/paths
      • By-law enforcement
      • Maintenance of light standards, including bulb replacement
      • Parking enforcement
      • Sidewalk and roadway repairs
      • All traffic signals and signage

Does the SRA hold an Annual General Meeting?

Yes, the Association is required to hold an Annual General Meeting each year.

Notification of an upcoming AGM is provided several weeks, but not less than 21 days in advance of the meeting. The details are shared on our website as well as on temporary signs erected in and around the community and/or by mail delivered to each homeowner via Canada Post and/or by email as long as the homeowner’s email address is on record with the Association.

How often does the SRA Board meet? Can I attend these meetings?

The SRA Board of Directors meets on a regular basis and communicates on various matters as appropriate between Board meetings. Information about upcoming meetings will be posted on our website.

Association members are invited to all regular board meetings and the first ten minutes will be an open forum giving all residents an opportunity to ask questions of their volunteer board. However, participation in portions of a meeting, following the open forum, may be limited when matters of a confidential nature are discussed. Minutes from each meeting are posted here.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact us at info@springsideresidents.com.

How can I help the Springside Residents’ Association?

As an organization managed by volunteers, the Association depends on Springside residents to provide their time, expertise and suggestions to keep our community nice. Your help is important and needed. If you would like to get involved, or have comments/questions, please send us an email to info@springsideresidents.com.