Undertaking some upkeep on your fence? Here’s all the information you’ll need to maintain the look and feel of the fences in our community.

Wooden fences (lattice or screen style), regardless of who built them, found within or adjacent to your property are your responsibility to maintain as detailed in the restrictive covenants registered on the title of your property.

  • Please note: these documents specify a colour that is only available upon request at Home Depot as it’s an older colour. You must supply the name/code (Mesa Greg DP-373) and it will not appear on any paint sample chips.
  • Alternatively, Cloverdale Paint (1935 37 Street SW – 403.242.7700) has colour matched this stain, labelled it Springside Taupe and filed it under Springside.

Decorative and sound (aka stucco) walls are the shared responsibility of the homeowner and the Springside Residents’ Association. In 2015, the SRA painted, and repaired where necessary, the community-facing side of the stucco fences along Wentworth Drive as well as along the entire perimeter of the community (all along Bow Trail and 85 Street).

  • This paint is also available at Cloverdale Paint (1935 37 Street SW – 403.242.7700). It is called Tan Sand Stucco.