The next AGM will be held in the Fall of 2018. Continue to check back as details will be shared once they become available.

All homeowners were invited and encouraged to attend a Special Meeting for the Springside Residents’ Association on January 31, 2018. Thank you to the 53 members that took the time to attend and show their support for the Association and thanks also to the additional 44 members that gave their support via proxy.

The primary purpose of this Special Meeting was to elect a new board of directors to carry-forward the business of the residents’ association. Since its inception, the Association has been driven by dedicated volunteers who represent the residents in making sure our community always looks its best. However, the Association was currently without its dedicated team of volunteers. At the Special Meeting homeowners had the opportunity to elect a president as well as four directors. The election results were as follows:

  • Tom Dickey, President
  • Brenda Merz, Treasurer
  • Michael Schlueter, Secretary
  • Michella Pritchard, Vice-President
  • John Park, Director

Note: The president was elected by members at the Special Meeting, The other positions were agreed upon, by the newly elected board, at their first meeting on March 1, 2018.

Residents unable to attend may review the presentation and meeting minutes from the meeting. Any questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to the Association via email.


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Please email us if you have any questions about any of the information shared at our Annual General or Special Meetings.